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STEMi Makers Africa

Who we are

STEMi Makers Africa is a top-notch and award-winning organization serving across Sub-Saharan Africa to equip young African with future-focused options in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Integrated Innovation (STEMi).

We have been established since 2018 and have implemented skill-based training across 42 Under-served communities in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa because we are passionate about the future economic growth of Africa.

This depends on an aligned education system that supports developmental efforts in generating talents needed to become self-reliant and technology problem-solvers.

Vision & Mission

Our mission

Our mission is to empower young Africans to become tomorrow’s Change-makers through Invention, Creativity, and Integrated STEM development.

Core Objectives

Changing the culture fabric of theoretical learning in Education and addressing the leaky unemployment pipeline by providing STEM literacy options where young people can solve real-world problems using project-based learning designs.

Our Vision

The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation makers of Africa aim to boost employment, innovation, inclusion and empower a talent base of over 2,000,000 young Africans with STEM emerging tools, real-world problem-solving skills they need to excel in STEM lucrative pathways and become more experienced for Africa’s workforce by 2030.

Partners & Stakeholders


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