Professional Development

Expansive reform initiatives in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education over the past several decades necessitate advancing the body of research on professional development for STEM education.

Professional development (PD) is consistently used as an agency to educate teachers and to effect change in their practices when new standards are implemented and when new national educational initiatives arise. Current national and local educational goals and initiatives focus on engaging more students in STEM learning and activities, in hopes they will persist in STEM coursework and career pathways to meet STEM jobs demands, ultimately advancing societal STEM literacy.

We introduce and prepare teachers to the evolving nuances of the STEM reform movement within their subject area as well as gain some familiarity of changes among the other related subjects.

The vital importance of Professional development is to provide teachers with opportunities to continually grow professionally based on evidentiary findings that show students whose teachers participate in lifelong learning or PD achieve at higher levels than students whose teachers do not.

We cultivate a STEM Workforce by :-
– Offering Workshop programs for more effective STEM Educators.
– Hands-on Collaboration and peer-to-peer learning..
– Mentorship and Academic support.
– Resource tools for Classrooms.