IWD2021: Project Kuongoza Web Conference

Started From the Bottom: Excelling as a Woman in STEM

4 Powerhouse Women in STEM

200+ Participants registered

1 Day of Expose

4 Center Stages!

Girls and Women face multiple challenges that compromise their education opportunities. One area of longstanding concern is the low rate of female participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMi) education and consequently STEM careers. This is a major concern, as STEM careers are often called ‘jobs of the future,’ driving social and personal well-being, inclusive growth and sustainable development, through innovation and creativity.

Gracing the event was Faith February, a registered Scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) in the field of Physical Science; Adora Nwodo, a software engineer working at Microsoft where she builds cloud services and high value experience related to Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality; Brenda Rombo, a trained mechanical engineer and Founder of BeeTheEngineer who partnered with The Michelle Bolt foundation and STEM Wahandisi La Femme to mentor women in Engineering in Kenya; Lily Edinam, a Ghanian Coordinator of the Youth Internet Governance Forum and the Team Lead of the STEM Girl Picture Perfect Book.

“Females in STEM bring resilience to the table. To be able to withstand adversity and bounce back is a valuable trait to be celebrated. It helps to increase the representation of females in STEM”.

Faith February, PhD Candidate, UCT and Project Kuongoza Mentor

The event explored each role in STEMi, Speaker’s stories in delivering change in STEM Spaces through leadership, entrepreneurship and their careers. Another unique reality of the event was Speakers took the time to dissect and guide participants on how to utilize resources, network, scholarship opportunities, and tools needed to excel in STEM.

“When you see people who look like you excel, then you know you too can and that you are powerful. Hearing stories of other women in STEM and on their journey to where they are in today’s world which is all about instant gratification is an inspiration and reminder that you have to start from the Bottom”

Brenda Rombo, Founder of BeeTheEngineer

The event ended with Amanda Obidike, the Strategy Lead of STEMi Makers Africa giving a vote of thanks to Speakers, Project Kuongoza Mentors and Mentees and the STEMi Makers Africa community for honoring the Project Kuongoza IWD2021 Web Conference.

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