STEM Education

STEMNovation Bootcamp for Girls in Tanzania

In order to strengthen competencies, empower the next generation of young technologists and innovators with age-appropriate, enriching and hands-on core activities in STEM, We are partnering with Timizandoto initiative, Tanzania for this year’s STEMNOVATION Bootcamp for Girls.   Do you know a girl who the STEMNOVATION Bootcamp will be of benefit to? Is she passionate...

Women Breaking Ceilings: Meet Anne Chisa

Highlighting Anne Chisa, a phenomenal PhD Candidate, Founder and Host of The Root of the Science Podcasts and a Project Kuongoza Mentor. Meet Anne Chisa Anne Chisa is a Malawian and a PhD student in Agricultural Science, specifically Crop Science, at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Her PhD research project involves using...

Virtual Online Safety Roadshow in collaboration with Google.

STEMi Makers Africa is proud to partner with Google to help support the online safety efforts for children, parents and teachers. This will be a one-week marathon virtual training across Nigeria.